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Having born in the lap of Himalayas I have always been mesmerized by how nature has created so many colours, elements and such beautiful landscape. I have always aspired to make people feel beautiful and this started my quest to play with colours while learning the skills to give someone that magical moment where they can genuinely feel beautiful.

 I could never feel more happier than when I see the inner happiness, joy and confidence felt by girls sitting in the chair in front of a large mirror in my small studio. I had a feeling that I was doing more than make up, I was  helping them feel stronger, confident and ready to take on the world. This is when i had the courage to go a step further. When I started delivering make up classes to girls, especially to those younger than me, I realized the difficult choices many of them had to make between quality and unaffordability when buying good make up. This led me to my desire to be able to be part of something bigger for a greater cause but also to encourage thousands of young girls that every dream is achievable, I started working to convert my dream of launching my own make up line. The journey was never easy, there were not shortcuts and with our Matt lipstick shade, Pastel Beauty is just beginning a journey of happiness, strength, courage, independence, boldness etc together with thousands and thousands of Nepali girls and even with girls outside of Nepal. I am committed to provide the best in class make up products, designed keeping in mind our health and environment and at the best of best facilities in the world, Pastel Beauty will always be available in Nepal first and at the best prices than anywhere else in the world. I personally would be working with thousands of girls in Nepal to help them turn their dream into realities with all my knowledge and might.

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